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How to Boost your Dreams and Dream Quality

After much experimentation, here’s an easy way to increase your dream vividness, frequency, and recall.

1. Eat at least 3 eggs a few hours before sleep. You get cholesterol and important B vitamins needed for brain energy and health.

2. Take a B6 supplement, and ideally eat it with some chicken, turkey, or tuna. B6 and the tryptophan in the meats convert to serotonin in the brain, which is an important neurotransmitter for dreaming. This is a big one … if you’re low on B6 (which eggs also contain) your dreams will suffer. Amount: 25mg is enough, and 50mg is the max.

3. Go to bed no later than 15 hours after waking up, preferably 13-14 hours. If you have a little trouble falling asleep, that’s good. It means you’re going to sleep with an energy surplus, and this will enhance dream quality. If you need a trick to fall asleep, just focus on your feet and think of every square inch of its surface as if you were coloring it with a marker.

4. Do something on the regular that requires mental effort to exercise your brain. Mindfulness meditation, math, learning something new that’s tough like a foreign language or some science subject, music theory, creative writing — whatever gives you that strained brain feeling. This creates new connections, neurons, and blood vessels in the brain.

5. Stop smoking pot. Apparently it prevents REM sleep. I don’t do pot but I heard it has this effect.

As you can see, all of these are brain-boosting methods, with some subtle-energy retention thrown in (going to bed earlier than normal). You’re basically overclocking the GPU in your skull so that dreams run at a higher resolution and frame rate, metaphorically speaking.

Be sure to keep a dream journal. The 7” Five Star notebooks are a good value there.